Bukit Timah Collection Former Royalville Near to Sixth Avenue Centre

Bukit Timah collection is a real estate project funded by All green properties in the heart of 833 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 279887. All green was previously known as All green Investments Limited, at the time of being owned by the Kuok Group. The area for the property formerly existent as a Royalville enbloc was purchased by All green properties. This residential property consists of 300 units which is developed according to the growing need for migratory living of the masses.

Bukit Timah Collection Former Royalville

Since there are plenty of competing residential properties in the market, you may wonder as to why you must invest your money in this particular venture. To make your decision easier, a list of distinct features offered by the project have been listed in this article.

The features for Bukit Timah Collection Former Royalville include a club house, function room, guard houses for security, indoor gyms for the fitness junkie in you, a tennis court for the lovers of sport, swimming pool, a sun deck, a children’s playground and BBQ pits. It is built in such a way as to cater to the needs of your family irrespective of their age and preferences.

Sixth Avenue Centre Near to Bukit Timah Collection

The Sixth avenue centre right next to Bukit Timah Collection condo is a one-stop solution to all your commercial aspirations. Since the property makes world class facility available at your doorstop, why look for another place? The serene environment of the condo will have you forget that you are still very much in the heart of the city. The locale is ideal for your children as it is right next to premier educational institutions.

The Grandstand Near to Bukit Timah Collection

In case you crave for some outdoor fun and leisure or want a break from cooking for your family, you can head right to The Grandstand near to Bukit Timah Collection. The place offers expansive car parking, and yet if you do not wish to drive, then there is a shuttle bus arranged just for the residents of the property to be dropped off at The Grandstand. Can you believe that? It is similar to be steeped in pure luxury.

In essence, the Bukit Timah nature reserve is a tropical rain forest. The place is considered a paradise of nature lovers who prefer hiking to other outdoor ventures. In case you like to be in open spaces than in confines rooms when you work out, this is the place for you. You can jog, go for a quick run, cycle around the area and enjoy the various delights offered by nature.

Who can complain of living in a concrete jungle when the Bukit Timah collection offers the perfect integration of nature and architecture.