Double Agent Strength in Singapore Properties

There is the proposed ambitious goal of increasing more than double its agent strength in Singapore to at least the acquirement of 2,500 via mergers and acquisitions (M&As) by the homegrown property agency SLP International, which is considered to be part of ZACD Group. It also has strategies in place to obtain 10,000 agents regionally via organic and inorganic methods for Woodlands Avenue 12 EC.

This type of expansion propositioning would seem to ignore the reality of the current market situation, which has actually been the reason that many agents have decided to quit the industry. After the occurrence of the latest license renewal exercise, the number of agents was sitting wobbly at close to 1,000 concerning SLP’s agent strength, which takes into consideration agents from SLP International, SLP Realty and Scotia Real Estate Group.

Northwave EC by Hao Yuan Investment Woodlands Avenue 12 EC. According to Kain Sim who functions as the ZACD Group chairman, the business of the agency is experiencing a hard time due to the fact of property cooling measures that have come into play and there is the threat of technology being able to displace intermediaries concerning property transactions. Also, there is an increase in the number of savvy Hao Yuan Gambas EC buyers who are more willing to buy international properties right from the overseas developer directly.

Quite soon, due to the influx of technology, the services of agents can become redundant if they continue on as only agents, according to the perception of Ms. Sim. But with the backing of the strength of a project pipeline from the ZACD platform, expansion truly has been made viable for SLP in Northwave EC Woodlands Ave 12 Hao Yuan EC.

She added that many agents will perceive the value of utilising the platform not only for the transactions of properties, but also for the implementation of being able to function as relationship builders in order to be able to provide a whole suite of products regarding investment opportunities for their clients.

Thus this provides the agents with a suite of products that raises their skills and enables them to have a career path. It also offersthe option for those who would eventually like to pursue working in financial services. Therefore, the platform is deemed to be very diversified and dynamic in comparison to the traditional agency business in Gambas Hao Yuan EC.

She also shared the fact that there is a plan by SLP to construct a regional platform that was put into motion due to the fact of the realisation five years ago that developers could no longer be restrained in their own country. Thus the need was born to market regionally.

Ms. Sim informed that if a developer launches a project in Singapore, her agency can promote it via a road show in major key cities.

SLP plans expansion for setting up its office in Australia and also for Malaysia. Next month an office will be set up in Johor Baru. SLP had already set up an office in Jakarta in the year of 2006 and in Shanghai in the year of 2009.

According to Ms Sim, she has much confidence regarding moving into the arena of investment sales, which will allow clients to pool together for making purchases in bulk via the SLP platform in Hao Yuan Gambas EC.

Going beyond t he scope of project marketing, SLP has additionally taken on asset management along with property management. There will be an expansion of its property management team of 20 members to accommodate up to 100 team members. The MCST (Management Corporation Strata Title) business and the management bodies of private house are typically handled by this team.

The group has gone on to shed its image as a pure agency business following its inception of ZACD in the year of 2005, four years after the founding of SLP. Developers are noticing the advantage of becoming partners with ZACD for joint venture deals in order to tap into its financial strength, as suggested by Ms. Sim.

Quingjian Realty Natura Loft, an HDB Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) was a case in point project held in Bishan, which had been launched one month following the crisis of the Lehman Brothers in the year of 2008, but it was still able to achieve an internal rate of return set at 11 percent for Hao Yuan Woodlands Ave 12 EC.

With the arm of the agency, they are committed to enduring a crisis and feel confident about weathering the storm, Ms. Sim announced. Their clients realize the merit of possessing an agency business within a real estate fund (management firm).

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