Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Upscale Residential Area

In the western part of Singapore’s central region lies the planning area and residential estate known as Bukit Timah, often abbreviated as BtTimah. A location that makes for Singapore’s highest hill and beautiful natural reserves, is now home to its newest and most ambitious development yet in Fourth Avenue Residences. The site on which the project is being built is located right at the center of Bukit Timah and was offered for sale under Singapore’s Government & Land act. It was this act that lead to the purchase of the site by Allgreen properties in their 3rd successful bid in Bukit Timah. As there were only seven bidders, the bid was deemed uncompetitive after Allgreen properties won the bid for a total worth of 553million dollars.

Bukit Timah Upscale Residential Area

Bukit Timah is considered to be Singapore’s upscale residential area, inhabiting many prestigious institutions and schools in its vicinity. Plus, the convenience of 6th avenue M.R.T station just exponentially increases the value of the site. Its place at the center Bukit Timah makes it a highly desirable condominium accommodation as the location is impervious to pollution, providing a cooler and fresher air to breathe.

Bukit Timah Serene Forest and Elegance

Despite Bukit Timah’s constant progressive development, the region has not severed its ties with the serene forests and natural elegance that it came to be popular for before the boom of real estate. There are many natural attractions swaying locals and tourists alike to its entrancing state. One only needs to look beyond the lavish and sophisticated housing to find beauty in its rawest form at Bukit Timah’s natural reserves and botanic gardens. In fact, UNESCO has listed Bukit Timah botanic gardens in the top three gardens on the planet. The other sites the visitors staying at Fourth Revenue Residences can find are shopping malls, the Natural Orchid-Garden, Tree-Top Walk, Raffles Town-club, Bukit Timah-Saddle club and many more.

Bukit Timah Near to Fourth Avenue Residences

All the attractions along with shopping malls and excellent academic institutions make Fourth-Avenue Residences and its surrounding condominium way too expensive. The region is a hub for residential condos for both the affluent locals as well as tourists seeking temporary upscale accommodations. Adam Park and the Pandan Valley are some condominiums you will find in the region. Favoring the case of the sites exorbitant prices apart from the institutions and tourist attractions are its shopping malls. The shopping centers here are conveniently located right at the downline of Sixth Avenue M.R.T station, facilitating shoppers of food and clothing alike.

A Lucrative Bet
Allgreen Properties have proven themselves to be the most significant players in the Singapore real estate scene by winning a bid to one of the most prosperous and glamorous projects in the form of Fourth Avenue residences.